What will be the trends in PR and marketing this year? We take a look at some of the areas we think there will be growth…

  1. 2020 will be the year of influencer marketing. Many brands will look to work with smaller, creative influencers with a high audience but that is more targeted to the brand’s audience, therefore being more effective.
  1. The growth in SEO PR. Media relations and SEO is key as clients don’t just want print coverage they also want to see SEO gains on their website.
  1. More and more PR & Marketing experts will offer services covering traditional media as well as new media in 2020. Whether it’s blogging, social media, or publicity, it is all about PR.
  1. Growth in blogging. Generally, people and companies will be doing a lot more blogging. Have you read our blog?
  1. 2020 will see a growth in brand advocacy and less focus on brand awareness.
  1. Live streaming will become even bigger in 2020. Brands and bloggers will be experimenting with this throughout the year and it will be interesting to see the impact video will have.

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