We often help clients with advice on how to work with influencers and with so many out there nowadays, it is essential that the right one is chosen and there is a clear strategy in place.

Working with influencers can provide you and your product/service with credibility and shows that you are willing to take advice from others and listen instead of just providing information.

Do your research

So the most important step in finding an influencer is selecting the correct one to work with. Make sure you’ve done your research, yes it takes time but if the time is invested then the collaboration will be done properly. Researching an influencer enables you to really find out about that person, read their blog, know their audience, and whether the audience would like your product or service. Building relationships with influencers is key so that you show you value their opinion and build trust.

Fresh perspective

Influencers can really add a fresh perspective on your product or service. When you are working in the business you can end up writing about the same thing again and again and trying to relay the same information from a different angle or with a fresh outlook. If you invite an influencer into the equation they’ve got something entirely new to bring to the table. Their life choices and experiences will enable them to have a completely different vision of the world to you, which could inject a breath of fresh air to your product or service.

Hand over control

Don’t be afraid to hand control to the influencer, remember you are, after all, hiring them because of the influence they have over their audience. Let the influencer create your content in their own style and be part of the brainstorming ideas stage. There is nothing worse than seeing a blog post or video that has been clearly sponsored or a hashtag that gives it away from the outset.

Increase your exposure

Working with influencers can give you great exposure. We’ve certainly noticed that the industry is very much about give and take – we scratch your back and vice versa. A formula that is very effective. Remember that not only is your product/service gaining great exposure but the influencer is also gaining access to a larger audience through your product/service – win, win!

The art of storytelling

Don’t forget that one of the main advantages of working with an influencer is that they will tell a story and everyone loves a story. Whether this is an aspirational or relatable story, it is relevant to the audience and they will engage. Influencers are often much better than working with celebrities because they are seen as real people with a sense of reality that you don’t often get with a celebrity.

Working with influencers can include many different forms such as gifting, giveaways, videos, sponsored social media posts, or blog post reviews. The choices are endless!

So, if you are considering working with an influencer, then please get in touch and see how we can help you and your company.

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