Social Media Managers are very sought after at the moment, as many companies struggle to find innovative ways to communicate with their customers. Some companies delay spending money to hire an expert in this area because they have small followings and believe that they can do it better themselves.

The problem that many companies face when they manage their social media channels themselves is that they struggle to be consistent. This is especially the case when they do not have a social media manager. Whether a business outsources this work to a company like ourselves or hires in-house there are a number of things to consider.

Brand Consistency

When you hire someone to manage your social media channels you ensure that your brand voice is consistent through all marketing activities. You will have one person or one company handling your posts, messaging and responses with current customers and potential customers.

Setting a strategy

Look for someone who is able to set a social media strategy for the company. This should highlight daily, weekly and monthly posts and imagery so that you don’t need to be involved or asked for constant guidance.

Trust and professionalism

Whoever you chose to handle your social media channels it is important that you trust them, after all they are representing your brand. They need to be professional at all times and know how to react to online trolls or negative comments in the correct manner.

Organisational skills

Make sure that your social media manager is organised, especially if they are looking after more than one channel. Managing social media is usually not the only responsibility of that person and so it is key that they are organised when it comes to posting on the channels consistently. Research whether or not the company or person is aware of scheduling tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social. If they are aware of these management tools then they will have the correct experience to manage more than one social media channel.

If you are a small business and struggle to see the need to invest in a social media manager just yet, then we would advise hiring an agency like ourselves to get you up and running. You can then review your activity and decide whether a social media manger would add value and growth to your overall company business plan.

To discuss how we could help manage your social media channels, please contact us today.

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