Making your blog shine is important because it will ultimately drive more traffic to your blog. Solid content for your blog is key and writing high quality, interesting content will result in you having a successful blog.

It’s important when you start your blog to remember to stay focused on writing good content and sharing this effectively on your social media channels.

Use headings and subheadings

A good blog post should have main headings and subheadings. This makes your blog easier to read and also helps with SEO. We use H4 headings for the main sections within our posts.

Think about fonts

Choose a font for your website and blog that is easy to read and keep the colour normal or black. Make sure the text size is large enough to read.

Don’t forget to see how this renders on your mobile! You don’t want visitors to have to zoom in on their mobile to read your blog. Most websites are now built to optimise for mobile but make sure this is the case with your website as many company’s primary source of traffic is mobile.

Use short paragraphs

We read screens differently than we read books and the content needs to be in smaller paragraphs with lots of white space in between. When writing your blog, try to keep your paragraphs to 1-3 sentences and keep your sentences to less than 20 words.

Don’t be afraid of the white space between paragraphs, it gives your blog breathing room and makes your website look better and more inviting to your reader.

End each blog with a clear call-to-action

End your blog with a summary of what the post was about and also lead the reader to take an action.

You may invite them to schedule a call with you, book an appointment, or purchase a product. You could also include social media share buttons at the end of each blog.

Also try to include an option to subscribe to your newsletter as this will help grow your database.

Add images or videos to your blog

Using photography makes it personal and helps to tell your story. We would advise that you use your own photography where possible. Alternatively, stock photography can be found on sites such as Pexels, Canva, or Unsplash.

Embedding video to your blog post in addition to the written blog enables you to reach an even larger audience.

Always adhere to copyright rules to protect yourself. You must have rights to the images you use.

Including internal and external links within your blog post encourages your reader to stay on your website and is also great for SEO. Linking to other blog posts you have written, provides the reader with additional advice, enhancing their experience. They will also mean your reader stays on your website/blog longer.

Aim for 500 words

Experts advise that blog posts should be 1,000 words and others advise a minimum of 300 words for SEO. We would advise aiming for 500 words. If you are writing cornerstone content, then your blog posts should be around 3,000 to 5,000 words.

Share with others

Give your reader the facility to share your blog post on social media. Include links to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

If you would like advice on how to write a blog post, or would like to blog on your behalf, please get in touch.

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