Understanding your audience is key to your marketing strategy and there are some simple ways to find out who your audience really is.

If you don’t understand your audience then it will be difficult, if not possible, to know how to communicate with them, what messages will resonate with them and how to treat them when they become customers.

Get your hands on data

Review any current data that you have access to. Any data that you’ve collected already from any business activity or market research. Knowing about your customer demographic is key and will also help you target your niche more easily.

Do your research

Research your audience, take a look at what might have worked previously with other products, services, or marketing efforts you’ve carried out before. If you are a new company starting out, then look to your competitors and their audiences. Evaluate their tone of voice, how they communicate with customers, and their marketing activities. You can learn from them for both what works and what doesn’t.

Really get to know your customers

Once you really understand your audience, you will see overlaps which will allow you to make generalisations around their behaviours. Conducting surveys with your customers will allow you to collect general information as well as specific information. You can even make the surveys anonymous which often encourages customers to provide completely honest answers which gives results in valuable data for you.

Insights from social media

Gathering insights from social media can also provide invaluable information about your audience. From the time they are online, what posts they interacted with and who else they follow is just the tip of the iceberg. Comments and engagement on blog posts highlight how your customers are responding to your campaign or post. Generally, the more people engaging with your content the more successful your campaign is.

Don’t forget to test and learn

We always encourage our clients to test and learn with their customers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your content, services, and products. Testing new ideas with your audience will provide you with invaluable feedback to enable your company to evolve in the future.

Understanding your audience does not happen overnight and can take time. However, once you have ways to capture information about your customers you will be able to enhance your offering to ensure they grow into loyal customers with repeat purchase in the future.

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