A digital marketing brief acts as a guide to the digital agency you hire and also aligns the company’s marketing goals. The document provides the desired marketing goals and outcomes from the potential relationship.

Here is our guide as to what we would expect to see included in a digital marketing brief provided to us:

Provide background – what’s your story

When writing a brief for a digital marketing agency, it is important to provide them with your company’s background. What is your story? By providing this information, they will gain a deeper understanding of your company and it will inspire them to create inspirational content. Be sure to also include information on your business goals for the future.

Who is your audience

In order for the digital marketing agency to understand what platforms your customers use, they will need information about your target audience. If you have customer personas to provide the agency with that is even better. This will provide them with details of who your audience is, their age, their gender, location, and what platforms they use, etc. The more information you can provide here will lead to a more targeted approach which always produces better results.

Who are your main competitors

Competition is healthy and you need to know who your main competitors are in the market. Being able to list these out to your digital marketing agency will enable them to research more about your competitors. Providing an explanation of your USPs in relation to your competitors will also help your agency create attention grabbing online content.

What are your objectives

Explain what your marketing objectives are to the agency. You want your budget to get the best results and it is so important to share with your digital marketing agency what your goals are for engaging their services. Maybe you want to increase brand awareness or focus on existing customers and retain more of them. Whatever your goals are, make sure they are clear and communicated well in the agency brief from the outset.

What is your messaging

Every company should have a brand identity, tone and message that they want to deliver through all communications. Share these with your agency so that this can also be reflected through any activity they deliver.

What is your current marketing activity

What marketing activity are you currently doing? Share this within your brief and give detail as to what is working and what isn’t working. This is key as you don’t want your agency to suggest activity that has already been tried and tested. This will save time and money for all parties.

What is your timeframe

What is your timeframe for this activity? You may want the digital marketing agency to work alongside a product launch for instance. Timing is imperative. Working to deadlines is essential to ensure a smooth and successful outcome.

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