Everyone nowadays has the ability to film videos using their smartphones and there are many apps on the market to help you edit video – all making the creation of video much easier.

“50% of consumers want to see videos from brands…more than any other type of content.”


Because of this more and more consumers want to see videos from brands. We have therefore put together our top tips when it comes to filming video content:

Film short clips

Filming short clips will mean that you have lots of short clips to choose from and this will be easier to edit them together.

Frame your subject

Try to follow these two rules:

  • Rule of thirds – try to split your shot so two-thirds of your subject matter is in the frame.
  • Head room – if you are conducting an interview make sure there is no dead space above the person’s head and keep their head at the top of the frame.

Test the sound

If you have a microphone then use one especially in noisy environments and remember to always test the sound before you start to interview someone.

Source good lighting

Good lighting can make or break your video clip. Try to avoid shooting towards windows. Look for natural sources of light in a room and shoot from those areas. This will make your videos look vibrant.


Don’t be afraid to move with your camera. Walk with it, move it from right to left, just try to keep a steady hand or invest in a stabiliser to help reduce the camera shake.

What’s in the background

Always consider what is going on in the background of your video clip. We would advise you to find an area that looks busy and if you want to make sure your branding is in the shot then include it in the background on a pull-up banner or backdrop.


When you are interviewing someone on camera try to be as confident as possible and smile. This will make the interviewee feel instantly relaxed. Try to stand slightly to the left or right of the camera so that they look at you and not down the lens of the camera.

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