Brands are continually looking at new ways to engage with their target audiences and traditional advertising is just not making the cut. We often hear from clients that they have placed expensive adverts in print media and could honestly say that they had absolutely no traction. Brands are now turning to host events where they can invite current customers, engage with potential customers, and make their brand stand out from the rest.

Hosting an event is a great marketing strategy and can really generate new business opportunities. Because you, yourself, are hosting the event, you have control over the style of the event, from catering to signage and this reinforces your brand/product/company. The event will also extend your potential customer list, especially if current customers bring a friend/colleague to the event and the event itself will also give you a reason to follow up with all that attended.

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Why should you invest in an event?

Events can also be good for potential PR coverage, especially if there is a newsworthy element to it. The PR strategy could be used to raise the profile of the event before it takes place, drive visitors to your site, and also result in future PR in the form of interviews or post-event coverage.

If the event is a success then you have the potential to repeat it and therefore extend your reach even further. If a customer has come along to a memorable event organised by yourself, then they will certainly tell people about it and if there is the opportunity to attend another similar event then you can be sure that they will bring more prospective clients.

Organising an event is also a perfect way to engage with your customers and gain on-the-spot feedback about your product/service. It can also provide you with data to develop other products of services and if necessary provide you with ideas on how to improve areas for the next event.

Yes, events can be expensive however if you host an event that gives your clients a personal experience of your brand, you make it fun, meaningful and memorable in a good way, then it is definitely a strategy to repeat in the future.

If you are interested in us organizing an event for your company, then please get in touch.

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