Writing a company blog has grown in popularity because small businesses are finally seeing the benefits. Blogs are simple to set up, easy to publish, and have a proven track record for increasing search engine traffic to a website. For a company, where time is of the essence, blogs are a low investment but can accomplish a lot.

For a small business, you can use a blog that sits on your website, to release news about your company. It can also be used to communicate with your customers about your services or products.

A company blog can be used for:

  • Generating a conversation and buzz about your company, its products or services online.
  • Reaching out with information and support to current customers.
  • Resolving issues that were traditionally handled by a customers services team.
  • To interact with the public about an industry or issue that could have input into future product development.
  • Defusing negative press or criticism
  • Demonstrating expertise and experience to potential customers.
  • Answering potential customers questions about your products or services.
  • Directly driving sales

When it comes to setting up your company blog, you should remember that this is an easy way to improve communications with very little overhead. Don’t get us wrong, we know it takes time but the benefits of providing information through consistent content is big.

Making blogs work for you can be simple. You need to have a communications strategy that is flexible and can evolve as your company blog takes off. Blogs can generate sales, establish strong communication directly with your target audience, and are perceived as a friendly method of keeping in touch with your customers.

Writing a successful company blog comes down to planning. Decide what your goals are, decide who will write the content, map out the topics you’ll be discussing and plan how you might integrate direct sales.

For more advice on how to write a company blog or to enquire how we can do this for you, please get in touch.