Content creation can be a full time job for any company but the results can be extremely rewarding if it is done correctly.

We’ve detailed below how you can make your content work harder for you.

Plan for content creation

Many individuals or companies fall at the first hurdle and that is blocking out time for content creation. If you dedicate time into your schedule for planning your content then you are more likely to be more productive and more creative.

At this stage, you should have a clear understanding of who your audience is, once this has been established you can start creating the best content that will resonate with them.

Start with creating your six-month plan for content and then break this down into three months, then monthly, and then finally weekly. A good content strategy will support people on both sides of your product/service: those still deciding what their main challenges are and those who are already using your product/service to overcome their problem.

Decide what channels to focus on

Deciding what channels to publish on will guide the content you create. You may want to focus on your website and blog or alternatively your social media channels or both. Figuring out which channels to focus on will also allow you to consider how you are actually going to publish this content. Research into content publishing platforms will help here and we will go into this in more detail at a later date.

Creating your content

We would advise to firslty focus on one key piece of content each week. This could be a blog, vlog or infographic and then repurpose this into additional pieces of content. The ideas here will compliment the key business activities you have highlighted in your six-month plan.

One method for content creation is to base your content around the questions your customers ask. Think of generic questions as well as specific questions and begin to answer these through your content. Remember, by answering these questions you are helping your prospective customer solve their problem.

Consider video

Creating video content should be seriously considered when you plan your content. More and more consumers are spending time online watching videos so this type of content should be included. The easiest video to create is an educational video which answers the most important questions your customers could have about your product or service. Brainstorm a list of the most important services or products you offer, list seven common questions you usually receive about these services or products and then create videos that answer these questions. There’s seven videos to start your video content creation right there!

Integrate the content with your sales team

It is important to remind you that every time someone consumes content from you, they build trust with your brand. We as consumers do this every day with the brands we purchase from. You could also think about this as every time a consumer consumes content from you, it is similar to them meeting with you and therefore could shorten your sales cycle. Producing content that could help your sales team shorten their cycle and close more sales should be your focus. Encouraging your sales team to be involved in the content creation and using this content with potential customers to close a sale is a win-win situation.

For more detail or to discuss how we can help you with your content creation, contact us today.

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