We can’t emphasise enough the importance of eating, sleeping, and breathing your brand because when founders of companies do this it is very apparent in the operations of the business, their marketing, and the staff, resulting in all kinds of benefits for the customer.

So I hear you asking, what do you mean by eating, sleeping, and breathing your brand?

When a company has set its brand values, it must live by them. Many companies go through expensive re-branding exercises and then forget about it. The values should be shared with the whole team and be clearly communicated through every aspect of the business.

Brand values need to be real.
There is no point setting values that are aspirational but aren’t realistic and won’t be met. Setting true brand values will give an honest representation of your company.

Share with your staff.
Your staff are the people that interact with your customers, so it is essential for them to understand your brand values and communicate them properly. Try to discuss your values on a regular basis in team meetings and they will become part of your culture.

Find your unique selling point (USP) and promote it.
If you know what your USP is then be clear to communicate this and don’t dilute your marketing with too many messages. Make sure you are clear on what your brand stands for and why you stand out from the competition.

Don’t be shy.
You know your brand, you know what it stands for, so be proud and don’t be afraid to tell the world about it. Think about what your audience responds to and create a campaign that reflects this.

Regularly evaluate how you are perceived and if it is rooted in what you say you believe in. If an honest evaluation is conducted then your values will be further driven into your culture.

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